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John HendricksKGEZ Good Morning Show

John Hendricks oversees all operations of the radio station. At the present time, I host the highly-rating morning show and handle programming duties.

Waking Up In Northwest Montana is now more fun!

The cast of characters who make up the all-new Good Morning Show will make you laugh, make you think and might even make you shake your head in utter amazement!  We get visits from our regulars:

  • The Folks in Lunacy, Montana
  • Pop Culture Mama
  • Crime Busters Anonymous
  • Community Leaders & Celebrities

Here is a recent interview with Katherine Thompson, Community Development Manager for the city of Kalispell.

More about John:

Born and raised in Kalispell, John Hendricks had broadcasting on his mind from an early age.  Following his 1968 tour Vietnam, he jumped into radio—initially to finance his education. After receiving degrees from St Martin’s University, he decided to focus his career as an on-air performer, which slingshot him to 93.3-KUBE in Seattle and then to Denver and that city’s legendary radio station, 950/KIMN.

In 1989, he made the move to Denver’s pre-eminent Country station, 98.5/KGYO where developed an award-winning 7PM to Midnight show that was not only achieved top ratings in that city, but was emulated in every major market in America.

Hendricks was a pioneer in the early days of satellite-delivered programming as an air personality and program director at, what is now, Dial Global networks.  In fact, stations in Northwest Montana still carry programming his developed.  His syndicated John Hendricks Overnight show was cleared on nearly 100-radio stations nationwide

Hendricks took a break from his career in 2001 to spend time with his family after the sudden death of his Mother. Following his Father’s death in 2002, he accepted a top management position at Music Choice in New York City.  He returned to Kalispell in the summer of 2008.

When it became evident that Northwest Montana’s heritage radio station, KGEZ, was in danger of disappearing forever, he jumped in.  With his intimate knowledge and love of the Flathead Valley coupled with the skills honed over 4-decades in the broadcast industry, he led the charge that has returned KGEZ to market prominence.

John has two grown children and a young grandson.  He enjoys fly fishing, backpacking, camping, skiing and golf. His motorcycle tours have taken him the length and breadth of America. He’s a licensed Private Pilot and Amateur (Ham) Radio station operator. Woodworking and Organic Gardening are continuous passions in his life.